Friday, July 29, 2011

SAW-006 - Kaede Dance Fucker (Download)

Another somewhat obscure title from a series that Kaede started! The title leaves little to the imagination so you can guess the movie is about half dance/softcore, quarter fucking, and quarter load swallowing/gokkun.

Format: 60 FPS, MP4, h264, AAC
Size: 2.57 GB

Original title: KAEDE DANCE FUCKER


Click here for a screenshot gallery.

DDL Links (MediaFire):
Part 1 - 200 MB
Part 2 - 200 MB
Part 3 - 200 MB
Part 4 - 200 MB
Part 5 - 200 MB
Part 6 - 200 MB
Part 7 - 200 MB
Part 8 - 200 MB
Part 9 - 200 MB
Part 10 - 200 MB
Part 11 - 200 MB
Part 12 - 200 MB
Part 13 - 200 MB
Part 14 - 38.44 MB


  1. part 12 is coming up with an error

  2. Hmm, it might just be a temporary problem on their end. I'll post an alternate link in a bit.

  3. of course its yoko you retard

  4. Hi...i found part 2 error with mediafire message:
    "Error downloading file."
    Hope it fixed soon.

  5. I saw a clip from "Kaede Dance Fucker" on FindTubes. The scene is brilliant. Sexy Yoko is simultaneously dancing and giving BBBJTCIM to electronica. Even though it is pixellated, it is bomb. Sinuous and graceful Yoko seductively breaks the fourth wall to keep it all about her. Japan is way ahead of SFV in innovation and exploration of the adult genre. New ideas and concepts are coming from the East. Excellent direction and performing in the scene. Honorable Yoko, you will live forever as a star of the highest ranking. Thank you for making yourself available for us to enjoy on video.

  6. Hi!I am in China,I can not download your movie,please put your files on the fileserve or the hotfile,Thanks!

  7. Cannot unrar, there are 2 error messages for part 12 and 13. plz fix this

  8. Part 12 - Alternate Link is wrong link, it is for [BQN] Banquish 1 Kaede.part12 bro. please fix part 12. thanks for all the special posts of yoko.

  9. are the parts fixed ??

  10. Winrar says file 2 is corrupt when I try to unpack the files.

  11. Not sure how the guy from Mar 9th was able to download part 11, but for me, Part 11 was down.

  12. Mediafire has blocked all parts except for 11

  13. Hello. I was so grateful to find your site, but it looks like all links are deleted. I hope you will reupload them soon. Till then, be well.

  14. Please re-upload. Really want these. Thanks

  15. Hi, can you re upload