Download FAQs

Direct Download Links (DDL)

1.  How do I download from your DDL links?
Most will probably just click on the links (mostly DepositFiles, at the moment) which will eventually lead you to a pre-download page.  Enter the Captcha code and you're off to the races. You are restricted to a certain amount of downloads per day.

2. Is there a better or faster method?
Sure, get yourself a DepositFiles account and you'll be unrestricted and able to download as much as you like.  You could also use a download manager (we recommend JDownloader) to automatically check link status and start downloads.  Since DepositFiles requires a Captcha code input, you can't totally automate it without a paid account on DepositFiles, however.  But it's still a fabulous application with plenty of updates and servers preloaded.

3.  How long will the links be up? Are you going to delete them?
We're not going to delete it unless we make a mistake or something.  The way DepositFiles works is that they will extend the life of a file by 2 months after any attempt to download the file.  Essentially, if at least one person tries to download a file every 2 months the file will never be deleted (in theory).  Unfortunately, there is no way to know the current expiration date without logging into our account and checking each link, which is tedious.

4.  What do I do with these .RAR or .001-.006 files?
We've packaged our releases in RAR compressed files, which you will need WinRAR or 7Zip (or one of many other applications) to unpack.  WinRAR is not free, but the trial should let you use it indefinitely with a nag screen.

On our first release we not only used a RAR archive but split it with HJSplit which is a binary splitting application.  So for only the first release, you will need to use HJSplit to recombine the RAR archive and then unpack that archive.  For simplicity we have abandoned using HJSplit for splitting and now do splitting directly through the RAR archive.

So for all releases after the first, you can simple unpack the first archive in a list (say XYZ-1.rar) and the unpacking application will automatically look for the other files to unpack the contents.  This means you should NOT rename the archive files and that you will need ALL of the files (typically around 4-6 parts of 500MB) to extract everything.

More coming soon.