Monday, August 29, 2011

FED-01 - Secret Room Fetish Catalog (Download)

Here is a really rare gem from Japan. This flick is nearly impossible to get on a DVD (fairly easy to get on streaming/download but the quality is inferior to ours) and of course most sites don't credit Yoko/Kaede or Ai Nakatsuka so it's even harder to find.

The premise of the movie is that the lovely ladies are taken to a back room to partake in some strange fetishes. Nothing extreme at all, Ai gets her armpits licked and Yoko/Kaede gets some plastic clips pinched to her back. But in the end both girls are fucked pretty well. Enjoy this rare movie in top quality! We've included Ai Nakatsuka's scenes as well since she is such a little hottie.

Format: 60 FPS, MP4, h264, AAC
Size: 2.25 GB

Original title: 密室フェティシュカタログ free image host

Saturday, August 13, 2011

MDYD-90 - Shameless Lustful Sluts 2 (Download)

A small update for you guys today. This is a low-key title featuring multiple girls pretending to be slutty hookers/escorts for random guys. We've only included Yoko/Kaede's scene because it was the only one of interest. The scene itself is pretty ordinary but still very hot.

Format: 60 FPS, MP4, h264, AAC
Size: 504 MB

Original title: 破廉恥痴女図鑑 2 free image host

Sunday, August 7, 2011

IFDVB-007 - Erokawa Lovely Time 7 (Download)

This video isn't too obscure but for some reason most online retailers (e.g. DMM online) do not credit Yoko/Kaede so it's hard to find. But that said it's a pretty straight-forward title with relatively light scenes. The idea is that Yoko/Kaede is supposed to collect bracelets for sexual favors, which is indeed a "Lovely Time".

Format: 60 FPS, MP4, h264, AAC
Size: 2.51 GB

Original title: Lovely Time 7