Friday, April 15, 2011

DVDPS-678 - DEEP's Solo Movie 3 (Download)

Next up is Yoko/Kaede's third movie she did for Deeps as the only actress. Same deal as before, 60 FPS in MP4 containers, h264 video and AAC audio.  Total size is 2.91 GB,

The theme is Sex Promotion!

Original title: あの!MM号に乗った本物レゲエダンサー第3弾!! 衝撃の腰づかいでチ○ポヌキまくり!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another change for streaming?

So you may have noticed that our streaming uploads slowed down. That's because for the longest time xhamster kept fucking up our uploads and refused to tell us what the problem was until it was miraculously fixed one day.  Also, every time we try to upload anything we're told that their servers are busy converting videos (total bullshit) so we're getting fed up with it.

We want to know if you guys recommend any alternatives to xhamster.  Ideally, the site would have decent quality, allow japanese censored content, allow comments, and has good traffic and expose.  We don't want to proceed any further with xhamster if they are going to be dodgy in the future.

Probably the best alternative we can find is xvideos, the only problem is that you cannot remove videos from the site.  It's odd but not a deal breaker.  If you guys have any suggestions, we're all ears.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

DVDPS-657 - DEEP's Solo Movie 2 (Download)

Looks like people still want the direct download (DDL) posts even if they come slowly. So we've decided to continue to upload these for the sake of Yoko/Kaede fans everywhere.  Same deal as before, 60 FPS in MP4 containers, h264 video and AAC audio.  Total size is 2.85 GB,

This is the second DEEPS solo movie Yoko did.

Original title: あの!MM号に乗った本物レゲエダンサー第2弾 デビューで魅せた衝撃の腰使いで中出しまくり!!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Micro Bikini Oily Dance Ultimate Collection by Omega P


We have something a little bit different today. One of our blog members is also a member of the Omega P team and they've just made a release.  We're presenting it here as well since Yoko/Kaede is in 2 of the movies.  It weighs in at 18.61 GB.

Get it from Kickass
Get it from The PirateBay
Get it from BT Junkie

Omega P presents the Micro Bikini Oily Dance Ultimate Collection.  It contains the following movies (we've marked Yoko's appearances):
  • High Grade Dance
  • Micro Bikini Dance Vol. 1
  • Micro Bikini Oily Dance 1 (Yoko in scenes 5 and 6)
  • Micro Bikini Oily Dance 2
  • Micro Bikini Oily Dance 3 (Yoko in scenes 5 and 6)
  • Oily Body Dance
  • Oily Body-Erotica Dance
  • Dance Spirit Wet Gals
This is a full 60 FPS rip in blisteringly high quality.  Naturally Yoko's scenes are amazing, but really they're all pretty good.  Screenshots of Yoko's scenes are provided below the jump.  Or if you want all the screenshots and covers in the torrent, you can find them here.