Friday, July 29, 2011

SAW-006 - Kaede Dance Fucker (Download)

Another somewhat obscure title from a series that Kaede started! The title leaves little to the imagination so you can guess the movie is about half dance/softcore, quarter fucking, and quarter load swallowing/gokkun.

Format: 60 FPS, MP4, h264, AAC
Size: 2.57 GB

Original title: KAEDE DANCE FUCKER


Saturday, July 23, 2011

AKND-019 - Double Penetration Piston Fuck (Download)

Here is something a little different (a slight break from the DEEPs series) and hopefully something most of you haven't seen yet. This is a fun title focused on double penetration and anal! "Piston" usually just means a fast, rough fuck but this video isn't very rough. Yoko/Kaede teams up with Yuki Hoshino in the final scene for a four-way with plenty of anal. All scenes are included.

The format is familiar: 60 FPS in MP4 containers, h264 video and AAC audio. Total size is 1.56 GB.

Original title: 2穴同時(生)挿入 連続絶頂イキまくりSEX


Saturday, July 16, 2011

DVDPS-825 - DEEP's Solo Movie 10 (Download)

Now presenting Yoko/Kaede's tenth movie she did for Deeps as the only actress. Same deal as before, 60 FPS in MP4 containers, h264 video and AAC audio.  Total size is 2.80 GB.

Original title: あの!MM号に乗った本物レゲエダンサー第10弾!! 接吻MAX腰振りSEX